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How Can CareCarma Help You?

Once upon a time, family members all lived in the same small community, sometimes even under the same roof. If someone needed support, you could simply reach out and touch them. This ancient, localized support system largely disappeared with the emergence of the modern nuclear family. Today, the family is often dispersed across an entire continent, sometimes around the world. So, how can we provide care to our elders or other members of our family who have had an accident, a sudden illness or even to a new mother and father with a newborn baby?

Suppose there was a way to close the distance between family members by reuniting them in a virtual community. A place where they could once again simply reach out and touch each other when in need.

At CareCarma, our mission is to help people build that community, one family at a time. CareCarma is built upon four pillars:

  1. CareCarma Circles helps you organize your family into a care team that can bring support to family members in need.
  2. CareCarma CoSMoS helps family members connect, interact and communicate more easily, reliably, and productively.
  3. CareCarma Communities brings Circles together with others that have special expertise and/or who are local to geographically distant family members in need.
  4. CareCarma Contacts provides easy access to other, outside resources and services, if and when you need them - from finding a home cleaning service to finding a live-in caregiver.

CareCarma Home Page

From here you can access information for all of your activities in all of your circles and communicate with the entire CareCarma community.

CareCarma CareCircle

This is the private section. Only people that have been invited to the Circle have access to it.

You can setup an unlimited number of CareCircles and they can been defined any way you prefer. They can be people, events, groups - anything.

CareCarma CareCircle Tools

Once you've created a circle, you have access to a large array of tools and functions.

Create and assign tasks, schedule events, upload and manage files and images and setup access to a smart mobile device such as an LG Urbane 2 Watch.

Work on different platforms

CareCarma is compatible with most browsers, so it will work on Windows, Apple and Linux PCs. A mobile version of CareCarma is available for both Android and iOS devices.


CareCarma CoSMoS provides a simple, easy to use interface for elderly users (or anyone, for that matter) that enables them to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages without digging through piles of menu layers. Put your favorite people directly on the face of your Android Wear watch or on the main screen of your Android phone. Then simply tap their picture to make a call or send a text. A tap on the Help Button automatically notifies friends and family on a pre-programmed call list and then dials 911. You manage all of these CoSMoS functions remotely for your elder using the CareCarma CareCircle dashboard.

CareCarma CoSMoS WATCH is designed to be used with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. CareCarma CoSMoS PHONE is designed to be used with any Android 5.0 or higher mobile phone. We will be expanding CoSMoS to other wearables, including smart eyewear, and adding powerful new features in future releases. Stay tuned!

Download CoSMoS WATCH Android Wear app

Download CoSMoS PHONE Android app

Coming soon to CareCarma…

CareCarma Communities

Will help you build a CareCircle team by expanding your access to both paid and volunteer services.

This will include everything from arranging a ride for your loved ones using Lyft, to finding a home cleaning service, or locating a volunteer to visit them. All of these services will be integrated directly into CareCarma’s task management and calendar functions to enable you to easily keep track of everything. You will also have the ability to order background checks on the individuals providing these services.

CareCarma CoSMoS

Expansion of our CareCarma CoSMoS services will further improve your ability you reach out and touch someone you love from thousands of miles away.

The current version of CoSMoS provides easy and safe communication between CareCircle members and your care receiver. Our next version will also allow you to collect information about their activities. You’ll be able to access reports summarizing data from the pulse, accelerometer and gyro sensors. This will provide a view into their level of day-to-day activities and compare it to their historical patterns. You will also have remote access to the onboard GPS sensor, which will permit you to monitor their travel patterns and send you a notice should your loved one travel beyond a certain geographical area.

CareCarma Cortex

Will provide sophisticated analytics based on machine learning algorithms that we’ve been developing under research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Aging.

CareCarma Cortex uses state-of-the-art AI that will collect and analyze sensor and other data to provide a clearer picture of your loved one’s wellbeing. It is being designed to recognize each individual’s pattern and then compare them with those of a larger group or cohort. The ultimate goal of CareCarma Cortex is to predict events, such as falls, before they occur – thereby helping to prevent them.